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2022 Graduates’ Mass

2022 Graduates’ Masses
Sunday, June 5, at the 8:30am Mass

Moms and Dads of Grads, please RSVP your daughter/son and whole family for our 2022 Graduates’ Mass.  Your high school or college daughter/son graduate is invited to participate, with cap and gown, (if they have one), in our special “Graduates’ Mass.”

Please contact Sue Rose (sue@stsebastianmi.org or 616-878-1619) to RSVP before Tuesday, May 31.  She needs to know the graduate’s name, which school he/she is graduating from.

Events in and Around the Diocese




Are you discerning the priesthood?

The Explore Priesthood Group is a discernment opportunity sponsored by the diocesan Office of Priestly Vocations. Each month, young men (ages 16 – 35) are invited to gather and discern God’s will for their lives.

Time for prayer and reflection will be held monthly at St. Stephen Parish in East Grand Rapids beginning at 12:30 p.m.

This year’s discernment opportunities are offered on the following Sunday:   May 15.

Feel free to show up or call to let us know you are coming at 616-288-0910.  Questions, email Pattie Reynolds (preynolds@grdiocese.org).


The Begger’s Bell Bash
Wednesday, May 18, 2022 at 6pm
at Noto’s Old World Italian Dining
$75/person — click here to purchase tickets

Franciscan Life Process Center’s Beggar’s Bell Bash is a celebration of the individual gifts of each person in West Michigan. Throughout history and across cultures, people in need have often used a beggar’s bell to encourage bystanders to become aware of their undiscovered giftedness. Proceeds from this event will support our counseling program, art program and further development of our land focus on connection, education, accessibility and our environmental impact. Join us for a strolling dinner, drinks and dancing with entertainment from the local West Michigan Band Brena.

Summer Experiences for Children at
the Franciscan Life Process Center
11650 Downes St, Lowell, MI

Click here to see their summer programs for 2022

Adoration around the Diocese

 Looking for opportunities to spend one on one time with Jesus?  The Diocese of Grand Rapids has published an online schedule of weekly days and times when Eucharistic Adoration is available in parishes throughout our diocese.  View the schedule at grdiocese.org, click on the “Parishes” menu, then “Adoration Schedules” from the dropdown.


Faith-Based Employment Outreach Program

The St. Robert Roundtable is an affiliate of the Employment and Resource Network and provides a support group and career coaching to unemployed and people in career transition.  The group meets at St. Roberts (6477 Ada Dr, Ada; in classroom 203) every other week, Wednesdays, 9:30-11:30 am and presents a varied program  More information about EaRN can be found at their website: www.earn-network.org.  For more information, contact: Bill Weitzel, 616-446-1873 Email:weitzelwj@aol.com.

2021-2022 Religious Education Individual Registration

Msgr. Duncan’s Mid-week Meditations

4-01-20      Midweek Meditations

The gospel readings for daily Mass this week reveal the growing tension between Jesus and those refusing to understand or accept who he is.  In today’s gospel from John 8:37, Jesus accuses them saying, “You are trying to kill me because my word has no room among you.”

‘My word has no room among you’ is a phrase that haunts me when I read it.  How easy for me to judge them for not allowing the word of God to find a place in their hearts.  Yet, the whole story of Jesus is replete with rejection by those who were supposedly religious; he is driven out of synagogues, scorned for dining with sinners, judged for healing on the sabbath, and finally mocked as he hangs on a cross.

All of which brings me back to that haunting line about finding room for God’s word.  It can’t just be knowledge of God’s word- even the devil knows scripture.  Have I made room in my heart and soul for Christ to truly dwell in such a way that my life is transformed by him to be a true disciple filled with genuine compassion, boundless mercy, and a servant-spirit?

Lord, help us always to make room for you in our lives.


Msgr. Bill Duncan

Reflection on the Annunciation of the Lord from Msgr. Duncan

Reflection on
The Annunciation of the Lord
March 25, 2020

In the midst of our Lenten season we arrive at another special feast day- the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord.  This feast commemorates, in the first chapter of Luke’s gospel, the angel Gabriel appearing to the young virgin, Mary to announce that she will bear a son conceived by the Holy Spirit to be named Jesus who will be called Son of the Most High.

We are so familiar with this story that perhaps we fail to grasp what truly has taken place.  Mary is the first among all human beings to hear of God’s decision to come and dwell among us as one like us.  She is greatly troubled by the angel’s greeting but is told not to be afraid.  Before the angel’s departure she moves from fear to acceptance of God’s Word.  God’s Word has been spoken and is now within her womb.  How wondrous a moment for her and for all humanity.  For, on behalf of all of us, Mary, who has found favor with God, welcomes with faith God incarnate into the world.

The Annunciation, the first of the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary, should indeed call us to rejoice.  For now, in a world beset by a pandemic, we too might be afraid.  We must hear the voice, not of an angel, but of the Lord himself who continually calls his disciples to not be afraid because he would always be with them- the Son of the Most High.

Hail Mary, full of grace the Lord is with you.  Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus!

Lenten peace,

Msgr. Bill

Message from Msgr. Duncan on the Feast of St. Joseph

March 19, 2020

Dear Friends in Christ,

I write this note on the feast of Saint Joseph, patron of the universal church. When we reflect on his life, we can see how much faith he had to willingly be a part of God’s plan.  He was asked by God to take Mary as his wife even though she was pregnant.  He had to find a place for this wife to give birth since there was no room at the inn.  He was asked by God to take Mary and the child Jesus and flee to Egypt to escape King Herod’s plan to kill Jesus.

These episodes reveal a man who faced many crises and yet trusted in God to grant him the courage and strength to meet these challenges and fulfill the responsibilities entrusted to him.  Perhaps then, St. Joseph is an appropriate model for us in this challenging time.

We may not understand all that is happening around us at this time.  But each time God’s people found themselves in an unsettling time or circumstance their cries to God did not go unheard.  I’m sure St. Joseph, on many a night, with Mary and Jesus fast asleep, must have looked up to the star-filled sky and cried out to God, “Are you sure this is part of the journey?”  Then he would rise to a new day and continue on.  And so must we.  St. Joseph, pray for us!

I miss you all.  You are in my prayers.

Lenten peace and blessings,

Msgr. Bill