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Msgr. Duncan’s Mid-week Meditation for July 1, 2020

Mid-Week Meditation  
July 1, 2020

We made it through our first month of public worship.  Congratulations!  When I walked down the aisle for the Vigil Mass of Pentecost on May 30 and saw familiar faces once again seated in the pews, I could barely speak.  All the prayers, all the precautions, and all the preparations had led to this special eve.  How appropriate that it was the celebration of the Holy Spirit.

So, now thirty days later, how are we doing?  I think fairly well.  While the seating restrictions prohibit us from returning to our usual attendance, I am grateful to those of you who have ventured out to attend Mass.  You have been wonderful in following the important established guidelines for public safety.  I am also grateful to those of you who do not feel comfortable enough to return but have faithfully joined with us online each week.

My gratitude also extends to our parish staff who have had to manage new approaches to serving our community- from videotaping Masses, to planning three First Communion and Confirmation Masses, and celebrating weddings and baptisms.   And where would we be without our Knights of Columbus? They and their wives have been incredibly generous in offering their time to usher at all our Masses.

Slowly, we are moving in the right direction.  In the midst of such challenges, the Lord always finds a way to provide for what we need.  In the words of Psalm 23 “to safe waters you lead me; you restore my strength.” Let us pray for continued patience and perseverance.  Have a safe holiday weekend!

Msgr. Bill


Msgr. Duncan’s Mid-Week Meditation for June 24, 2020

It’s that time of the year.  Orange cans and barriers everywhere.  Detour signs guide us onto unfamiliar routes.  Our infamous road construction season is well underway.  So we dutifully follow the arrows and pray to arrive at our destination.

While we’re use to such circuitous paths designed by road commissions, today we celebrate the birth of a saint who challenges us to examine those crooked paths which we ourselves have chosen in life that needed to be straightened.  That man is St. John the Baptist.

By God’s design, six months before the birth of Jesus, Mary’s cousin Elizabeth, advanced in years and thought to be barren, gives birth to a son to be named John.  He grows to become a devout man of God and goes out to into the wilderness to fulfill the prophet Isaiah’s promise that a voice would cry out in the desert to “prepare the way of the Lord, make straight his paths”.

It’s amazing to me how God’s plan is so wondrous that a prophet of old would foretell John’s ministry, how a woman thought to be barren would give birth to a son, and how this child would grow to be the voice to prepare a world for its savior.

So how do we fit into this mysterious plan?  Well, the voice of John has reached our ears and hearts.  Perhaps we must honestly ask ourselves, “Have we straightened our paths for the Lord to enter our lives or have we erected a few orange cans and detour signs along the way?”  What changes must we make in our daily lives to welcome the Lord who seeks to come straight into our lives and lead us to our destination- life with him forever.

St. John the Baptist, pray for us!

Msgr. Bill

Mother’s Ministry – Young Child Play Group


Attention:   St. Sebastian Moms!

Young Child Play Group

We welcome all those with small children at home (or those with older kids that would just enjoy the fellowship and support of others) to join in a playdate hosted in the Parish Hall nursery once a month to allow the children time to play and bond as well as the adults.  We will be staying in the room with the kids, no childcare will be provided.  A small activity for the kids will be available.

Please note:   We are switching from the Second Friday of the Month to the Third Friday of the Month


January 10          9:30-11am

February 21        9:30-11am

March 20            9:30-11am

April 17                9:30-11am

May 15                 9:30-11am

K of C Silent Auction and Beer & Wine Tasting Event


Questions or Donations,  please  contact  Mark Boillat at 616-437-3675 or Markvicb@comcast.net.
Goal is $20,000 to be used for Seminarian Support and other Council 14642 Charities.  Your Donation checks are always appreciated to help defray the cost of the Auction.