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2023-2024 Religious Education/Youth Ministry Registration Form

It’s time to sign up your children for our Faith Formation program (3-yr old preschool [age 3 by September 1] through 12th grade). Here are the links to get your children enrolled in our Faith Formation program…

Family Registration Form

Family Medical Release Form

You Must Fill out both
the Registration Form and
the Medical Release Form

Please check out our

Other Opportunities to Volunteer Page

Please prayerfully consider volunteering in one or more of these areas over the next year.

If you have any questions, please reach out to…

  • Morgan Domeier, Director of Religious Education (3-yr. old Preschool through Grade 5) at morgan@stsebastianmi.org or
    616-878-1619 ext. 103
  • WhitneyDoane, Director of Youth Ministry (Grades 6 — 8 [Confirmation] and Grades 9 though 12) at whitney@stsebastianmi.org or 616-878-1619 ext. 102.